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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I am going to try and blog. Whatever, is YOUR blog updated? So on the first day of spring break, the kids and I.... took Bosston to get his cast on and played at grandmas. On the second day of spring break, we trudged in the rain, over hills, through mud and puddles while we hiked our nature trail. The kids had a great time. Heck, I had a great time too! I am just glad that even though we were wet and muddy, we did not shed any tears!! Go US!

for your information YOU SHOULD NEVER CLIMB ON A CANNON!!!! Happy Reading

And the Winner Is.....

Did YOU know there was a secret contest being held in our family? It started on Feb.10, 2001 and just finished on March 21, 2012. Can you guess what it was? If you guessed, WHO WOULD BE THE FIRST TO BREAK A BONE? you are correct. Do you know who the winner was?

Yep, Bosston. Our very entergetic four year old. Piano lessons, bunk bed, falling, four hours at urgent care, and now three weeks in a cast. Don't worry. He likes it. He likes the attention. Hasn't slowed him down either, in fact, I think it might actually make him faster! Happy Reading

Out with Old and in with the ever improved

Say good bye to the pretty to look at, but not so pretty to sit on couches, and say HELLO to overall amazing comfort and beauty. We sold our four year old leather couches, and purchased this beauty. We are happy. Enough said.

The Durants are Checking OUT

A few weeks ago, I came home from church just exhausted. We just had stake conference, and I feel it was the biggest challenge to get all four children to sit through TWO hours of televised conference. Seriously, after the closing prayer, I raised both arms and shouted, "WE DID IT!" I was really proud of us. We could've EASILY skipped church. But I knew we needed to be there. I can't tell you any of the talks or stories, but we set the example, and conquered through!
 When we walked inside our home, the boys immediately shedded their ties, and and shoes. I walked into our room, and started crying. Don't ask. This winter has been long, cold and wet, and I am certain a little seasonal depression has struck again. Nick was concerned, and as he held me in his arms, I just said, "let's go away. Let's leave this place, and all that goes with it, and check out." His response, "let's do it!"
 Sidetrack... I love this man. He has literally made it to where WE are his only care in the world. He works so dang hard all the time (mostly because not everyone at his job does) just so we can be comfortable, and be able to take these fun last minute trips. I see our marriage as successful. I am saddened when I realize that not all marriages are like this, but I do count myself lucky!! He rocks, and he is so damn handsome, I just don't know how I got so lucky!!!!
 So, we immediately booked a trip. I wanted to go somewhere fun, familiar and semi close. Hello gas prices. Not cool, Mr. Man in Charge.... I don't get political here. At first, I thought about going to the Oregon Aquarium, but once I totaled the price for that activity alone (89 bucks) we decided Lincoln City, and day trips to other sites.
 We stayed at The Inn at Wecoma and it was AH- Mazing. Newly remodeled, clean, friendly and affordable. We were able to upgrade to their family suite for only $15 more a night. The kids had their own room, mom and dad had theirs. It was great. We climbed all the steps of the ASTORIA column. Holy moly, my legs were burning later on! We drove the ever windy coastal highway and saw the Goonies Rocks (had to then buy the movie so the kids could see!) had lunch, and then checked into our hotel. I wanted to eat at Pig N Pancake, but they closed at 3pm. So we went for Mexican food instead. Dasher is SUCH a picky eater, but we challenged him to try something new, and guess what? HE LIKED IT! Shocking right?! We keep telling him that he really needs to broaden his horizons on food!
 We hit the outlet malls, scored some new sneakers for me and Nick, new dressed for the girls, and pretty much had the entire mall to ourselves. It was rainy, and extremely cold, and windy. We explored the local goodwill and scored new boots for all four kiddos at $3 bucks a pop. I love a good find. We spent some money at the local arcade, (stinking DEAL or NO DEAL) and had a great time. I needed to reconnect with my children, with Nick. No work, no paparazzi, and yes, we even ignored phone calls. Whatever.
 I felt, that we had become so caught up in work, school, homework, running here, running there, that we barely even saw each other. Some nights, Nick would work, OVERTIME, meetings, me at work with the kids, and he wouldn't even see his kids until the next day. We needed each other.
 I am thankful for my awesome family. I am so happy we were able to take this trip and have a great time. I can't wait to do it again!!!

On our way home we stopped by the Temple to check our new visitors center. So beautiful. I recommend it!Happy Reading

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have a Dream

Monday, we had no school in honor of MLK day. I love days off. But not when they are then followed by TWO snow days. I love like snow. I just don't like the mess it creates both outside and inside. Nonetheless, I took some pictures of our snowfall. Mostly for our family in Portland and Beaverton. They did not get snow. Just rain. Enjoy. They speak for themselves!

 old tshirt, PLUS fabric on hand PLUS pinterest tutorial EQUALS FREE new dress for Emmah. Lucy got one too, don't worry!!! Have you been on pinterest? If not, send me your email, and I will invite you. It is awesome... fantasy football for girls!!!
She was standing straight up. That is how deep the snow was on Wednesday. Today, Friday. NOTHING hardly any snow left on the ground, just rising waters due to our rain for the next TEN days. Gotta love the Northwest.


My brilliant friend, Toshia, had this awesome idea last year of the 12 "daytes" of Christmas. She planned 12 dates, one for each month, and gave that to her hubby as part of his Christmas. I copied. It was such a great idea, a chance to plan NEW and exciting things to do instead of just dinner and movie, my least favorite date. So, a few weeks before Dec. 25, we got together and made this really cute flip calendars. I love it because it has the month, and a slot for a picture. Okay, there's the background.
Here's our lame picture. I snapped this via my phone right as we were getting in the car. Then I forgot to take anymore pictures after that. I might have to restage us and the date before months end. Anywho, January's date: PEOPLE WATCHING BINGO. Some might be asking, what is that, and how do you play? Well, we all love to people watch right?! So, I decided to make up two bingo cards with random things one might see while out and about. Things like: Ducks Fan, Blazer Fan, crying child (which we could NOT find) kissing, texter, rolling suitcase, one size DOES NOT fit all, and silly things like that. Location: mall. We chose Lloyd Center, which is completely ghetto, but close to Nick's parents house, where we dropped the kiddos off. We had a great time. It was nice to walk around, sit, and just be together. Afterward, we headed to a new Mexican restaurant, Qdoba. AWESOME. and for anyone going there, split the meal. The burritos and HUGE! Total cost of date with coupons and gift card $9. I know big spenders, but I really wanted to find a way, to start dating my love on a budget. I think I have found it. Stay tuned each month as we date and maybe you too will share fun dates, or take one of our ideas. Next month is our anniversary month, and Nick's birthday, so might spend more than $9!
Oh and for the record, I got BINGO first!!!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I don't do resolutions. Last year, I decided instead of saying I want to do something, I will just do it, and call it a bucket list. You know a list of things you want to do someday... well, this year, the list goes on. Just a few things, not too many, but just enough to keep me entertained and motivated. In case you're wondering about the dating one, this year, I have prepared 12 dates for Nick and me. Each month something new and different. No dinner and movie for us, instead I have outlined new things to try, and challenge us. In February, our anniversary month, we are running a 5K together. Just the two of us! So, do you resolve, or bucket?!